About ThermoSpas

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

ThermoSpas began as a Connecticut hot tub manufacturer in 1983, inside a 30,000 square foot facility in Shelton, CT. Within three years, the company outgrew this location and in 1986 moved into a 60,000 square foot facility in Bethany, Connecticut. This new location soon became limiting in size and in 1993 the manufacturer acquired a 140,000 square foot manufacturing plant on a 13-acre site in Wallingford, Connecticut. The added acres provided the ability for future expansion in years to come.

During the years of 1996 and 1999, Thermo Spas redesigned many aspects of hot tub manufacturing including shell fabrication, plumbing, cabinet making, and water testing technology. Today the New England manufacturing facility includes not only the industry’s most advanced, state of the art technology, but machinery designed exclusively by Thermo Spa’s engineers. This has helped shape Thermo Spa’s hot tubs into the best and most reliable spas within the hot tub industry.

Reasons for Thermo Spas Growth
Thermo Spas began distributing hot tubs in the same way that all competitive spa manufacturers still do today, through retail establishments. Most stores that sold hot tubs were, and still are, swimming pool retailers. Many of these dealers were not properly staffed or equipped to effectively deliver and install a 1000 lb hot tub. Those that only sold a few dozen hot tubs annually did not have the trained hot tub technicians or the availability of an extensive parts inventory to properly service the product.

In 1985, Thermo Spas developed a unique delivery and service program to assist the hot tub dealer. Once the dealer consummated the order, Thermo Spas would deliver and install the hot tub anywhere within the dealers’ market area. If service was required, a toll-free number was provided and a factory-trained technician was there to resolve the problem, either on the phone or in the field. The program was embraced by the retail community and within a few years Thermo Spas had developed a network of over 150 hot tub dealers nationwide, along with distribution channels in eight foreign countries.

In 1995 Thermo Spas’ marketing department made a very risky decision and took their current strategy one step further. We terminated almost all dealers and embarked upon a direct-to-the-consumer sales campaign. Since we already had extensive experience in delivery and service, all we needed was to develop an effective sales and marketing organization. Through our experience with dealers we learned of the many problems associated with selling a hot tub in a retail showroom and decided to have our sales take place in the customers’ home. This method of selling was welcomed by the consumer because it provided many advantages which included a proper home site inspection. Our direct to the consumer campaign also helped reduce the price of our custom hot tub spas, making them cost competitive with the standard lines of any other spa manufacturer.

For 2006 and beyond, as Thermo Spas expands into new territories and the International marketplace, a new management team has renewed its commitment to superior customer service and providing the most luxurious custom-built hot tubs at the best, affordable prices in the hot tub industry.